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Install a localized version of SolarWinds NTA

SolarWinds NTA is available in English and Japanese. When referring to the localized content, SolarWinds documentation uses the following terms:

Primary Locale

The locale selected when installing SolarWinds NPM. Once selected, you cannot change the Primary Locale without uninstalling and reinstalling SolarWinds NPM. SolarWinds NTA uses the Primary Locale.

User Locale

The locale selected for use in your browser.

Operating System (OS) Locale

The locale configured for your local operating system.

Regional Settings

Settings to configure how times, dates, and numbers are formatted for display.

You can change the locale in your browser settings (user locale), however, the database still reflects the primary locale. As a result, resource names, object details, and monitoring events display in the web console under the Primary Locale.

Install a localized version of SolarWinds NTA

  1. When installing SolarWinds NPM, select the language you want to use in SolarWinds NTA as the preferred language.

    SolarWinds NTAis not available in German. If you select German as your preferred language during the SolarWinds NPM installation, SolarWinds NTA will install in English.

  2. Install SolarWinds NTA.

Upgrade a localized version of SolarWinds NTA

SolarWinds does not currently support the direct upgrade of an SolarWinds NTA installation with one Primary Locale to an installation with a different Primary Locale. To change the language during a SolarWinds NTA upgrade:

  1. Reinstall SolarWinds NPM using the required locale.
  2. Reinstall SolarWinds NTA.

    Reports and alerts created in older SolarWinds NTA versions with the previously used locale reflect the original locale settings. If you change the locale, you need to reconfigure them to work properly.


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