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Database connection issues

Created by Lori Krell_ret, last modified by Alexandra.Nerpasova on Oct 25, 2016

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SolarWinds NTA uses two databases: the SolarWinds Orion database and the NTA Flow Storage Database.

Troubleshoot the connection to the SolarWinds Orion database

When installing NTA Flow Storage Database on a remote computer, you need the connection to the SolarWinds Orion database used by SolarWinds NTA.

If the connection fails, make sure that:

  • The user name and password are correct.
  • You can access the database server.
  • No firewall is blocking the connection.
  • Use the appropriate SolarWinds NPM version. For more information, see Upgrade paths and compatibility.
  • SolarWinds NPM is configured for Windows Authentication.
  • The remote connection option is enabled on the SolarWinds Orion database.

Troubleshoot the connection to a remote NTA Flow Storage Database

When installing SolarWinds NTA with a remote NTA Flow Storage Database, you need to successfully test the connection to the remote database.

The connection to NTA Flow Storage Database may be interrupted while monitoring. SolarWinds NTA triggers an appropriate event.

If the connection fails, make sure that:

  • The NTA Flow Storage Database server is installed and configured, and check that the SolarWinds NetFlow Storage Service is running.
  • The hostname or IP address is correct and you can access it. Use the ping command to test this.
  • The software and hardware firewall settings between the NTA Flow Storage Database server and the Orion server are correct. If necessary, turn the firewall off until the installation finishes.
  • Port 17777 is open.
  • Anti-virus software is not blocking the connection to the NTA Flow Storage Database server.

Troubleshoot the connection between the two databases

In SolarWinds NTA 4.1.1 and later, you may see the following events in the Last 10 Traffic Analysis Events resource:

  • NetFlow Receiver Service [serverName] stopped.
  • The connection between NTA Flow Storage Database and Orion SQL Database has been lost. NTA cannot save any flows now.

If you are upgrading or using the Configuration Wizard, these messages are normal and can be ignored. The service will start and the connection will be restored when you are finished.

If you are not performing a special task, see the troubleshooting tips in the previous sections.

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