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NTA Flow Storage Database settings

Maintaining the NTA Flow Storage Database requires setting an appropriate retention period that corresponds with the amount of data you need to keep and the free space available on the NTA Flow Storage Database disk.

Retention period

Retention period specifies the time for which flow data are stored in the database until they expire and are permanently deleted.

To optimize the retention period for your NTA Flow Storage Database, collect data for a few days. You should then have an idea of the volume of data your network produces with NetFlow enabled. Consider also the space taken up by the database, and then adjust the retention period accordingly.

Set retention period

  1. Note the database Location: hostname and whether the database is installed locally or remotely.
  2. Next to Database Size, click Calculate for data to inform your retention period settings.
  3. Enter the number of days after which flow data will be deleted in Retention Period.
  4. Select a frequency in the Delete Expired Data list.
  5. Click Save.
Last modified
08:22, 10 Apr 2017