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Host and domain names

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When flows are received from an IP address, SolarWinds NTA asks a DNS server to resolve the appropriate hostname or domain. This affects the way SolarWinds NTA filters your data, groups items in endpoint-related resources, and displays host and domain names in the Orion Web Console.

For more details, see DNS and NetBIOS resolution.


Filtering in SolarWinds NTA is based on hostnames. This way, filtering by hostnames returns the same results as filtering via IP addresses.

Endpoint-related resources

SolarWinds NTA groups items in endpoint-related resources by the hostname.

Host and domain names in SolarWinds NTA resources

SolarWinds NTA does not apply changes of hostname or domain name to your historical data.

If a hostname or domain name changes, you can see flows from the same machine as two items: first under the old name and after the change, under the new name. For example, Top XX resources show data split into more items, based on the appropriate resolved name.

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