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Announcing NCM 7.7
With NCM 7.7, you can examine the rules that make up an access control list for a Cisco ASA device. Then you can apply filters to display only rules that meet the specified criteria, order the rules by line number or by the hit count, and much more.
See new features and improvements.

Home > Success Center > Netflow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) > NTA 4.2.3 Administrator Guide > NTA settings > Edit applications and service ports

Edit applications and service ports

You can edit the name of an application or service, ports it uses, appropriate source and destination IP addresses, or protocols connected with the application.

Overlapping ports for multi-port applications

Some multi-port applications may be configured with overlapping port assignments. Traffic will only be associated with one of the conflicting applications.

To avoid this conflict, remove the port range in conflict, disable a conflicting application, or delete the port or application entirely.

Edit applications and service ports

  1. Click Settings > All Settings.
  2. Under Product Specific Settings, click NTA Settings.
  3. Click Application and Service Ports.
  4. Find the application or service port you want to manage:
    • Use the View list to filter the applications and service ports.
    • Applications are listed by ascending port number, with multi-port applications listed first
    • Use the Search function to filter the list further.
  5. Click Edit in the Actions column of the application or port.
  6. Edit the application and port information.
  7. Click Update Application.
  8. Click Submit.
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07:24, 13 Apr 2017