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Home > Success Center > Netflow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) > NTA 4.2.3 Administrator Guide > Get started with NTA > Add flow sources and CBQoS-enabled devices

Add flow sources and CBQoS-enabled devices

 Updated June 7th, 2016

You can either add flow-enabled devices managed by SolarWinds NPM for monitoring to SolarWinds NTA manually, or you can configure that flow-enabled devices are added automatically.

For more information about the automatic addition of flow sources, see Enable the automatic addition of flow sources.

Notes on adding sources and devices

  • Make sure the devices you want to monitor with SolarWinds NTA are already monitored in SolarWinds NPM.
  • If you are using NetFlow version 9, confirm that the template you are using includes all fields included in NetFlow version 5 PDUs.
  • Some devices have a default template timeout rate of 30 minutes. If NetFlow v9 flows arrive without a usable template, SolarWinds NTA raises an event every 15 minutes. Configure your device to export the appropriate template every one minute, so that the version 9 flows show up in SolarWinds NTA without delay.
  • For more information about flow requirements, see NTA flow requirements.
  • Only a SNMP node can be added as a NetFlow Source.

Add flow sources and CBQoS-enabled devices for monitoring

  1. Click My Dashboards > NetFlow > NTA Summary.
  2. Under NetFlow Sources, click Manage Sources.

    If automatic addition of NetFlow sources is enabled, all flow sources currently monitored by NPM will display in the NetFlow Sources resource. For more information about the automatic addition of flow sources, see Enable the automatic addition of flow sources.

  3. Select the appropriate filter in the Show list to display devices where you want to monitor NetFlow or CBQoS data.
    • Exporters Only (Last 15 Minutes): Displays all devices in your Orion database that have sent flow data within the last 15 minutes.
    • Cisco Devices Only: Displays all Cisco devices monitored by NPM.
    • All: Displays all devices monitored by NPM.
  4. Locate a device or interface, and then select NetFlow, CBQoS, or both to define what is monitored.

    CBQoS monitoring is only available for Cisco devices.

    For more information about setting sampling, see Set the sampling rate manually.

  5. Click Submit.
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