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Choose the NetFlow traffic source

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You can configure the NetFlow export on Cisco devices using the Cisco Traffic Source Wizard.

To locate the node, you can either use filters in the Group By list or type a part of the node name into the Search For box.

To change the node, click the Browse button, select an appropriate node, and click Submit.

  1. Go to NetFlow Settings:

    1. Click My Dashboards > NetFlow > NTA Summary.
    2. Click NetFlow Settings in the top right corner.
  2. Click NetFlow Sources.
  3. Click Configure a Cisco Device to Export NetFlow Data Directly in SolarWinds NTA in the light yellow banner above on the Manage NetFlow Sources and CBQoS Polling page.
  4. Select the node which you want to configure to export NetFlow in the Choose Cisco Traffic Source menu, and click Submit.
  5. Enter the SNMP Credentials.
  6. Click Next.

    This retrieves current running-config and displays it on the Configure Source page.

Last modified
06:30, 13 Apr 2017