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Database migration

Updated June 7th, 2016 

For migration options, such as moving NTA databases to a new server, see the SolarWinds Migration Guide. We provide guides for migrating the NTA Flow Storage Database (FSDB) using a few different scenarios:

If you need to migrate the NTA product, you can migrate NTA to a new server using the same or a new IP and hostname.

Migrating flow data from the Orion SQL database

If you are upgrading SolarWinds NTA from a previous version that stored flows in the SolarWinds Orion database (NTA 4.0 or earlier), you have the option to migrate your flow data from the SolarWinds Orion database to the NTA Flow Storage Database.

The database migration starts in the Configuration Wizard when you upgrade SolarWinds NTA. Migration runs as a background process, but may take time and affect the performance of SolarWinds NTA. You can check the migration progress in the Orion Web Console notification bar at any time.

All FSDB guides includes detailed instructions for the migration of this data.

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10:20, 20 Mar 2017