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Install an additional poller and web console

Installing additional pollers and Web Consoles helps you extend your SolarWinds NTA implementation.

Additional pollers help with load balancing. You can increase the monitoring capacity of your installation by enabling multiple pollers that work in parallel across your network.

Additional websites ensure redundant access through more than one web server. The additional web server enables remote access to the Orion Web Console from a location other than your main server. Remote users can view the primary Orion Web Console without deploying an entire Orion installation or excessively taxing the resources of your primary SolarWinds server.

Additional pollers and web consoles do not require special licenses. The appropriate licenses are automatically overtaken from Orion.


  • SolarWinds NTA additional pollers and websites require that an appropriate additional SolarWinds NPM poller or website is installed on the server.
  • Installing additional pollers and websites requires that the main SolarWinds NTA poller is installed.
  • All SolarWinds NTA pollers and websites must be installed on servers with 64-bit operating systems.
  • The SolarWinds NTA version you are installing on an additional poller or website must match the version of SolarWinds NTA you are running on your Orion main poller.

Install an additional poller or web console

  1. Log in to the server where you want to install the additional poller or website.
  2. Launch the SolarWinds NTA installation file.

    The SolarWinds NTA installer will automatically discover that you are installing an additional poller or website, because it detects that a SolarWinds NPM additional poller or website is available on the server.

  3. Complete the installation.
Last modified
08:33, 10 Apr 2017