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Announcing NCM 7.7
With NCM 7.7, you can examine the rules that make up an access control list for a Cisco ASA device. Then you can apply filters to display only rules that meet the specified criteria, order the rules by line number or by the hit count, and much more.
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Install SolarWinds NTA

Deployment options

SolarWinds NTA is provided in a unique installation package which allows you to install the following components, based on the configuration detected on the server:

  • SolarWinds NTA Server
  • NTA Flow Storage Database
  • SolarWinds NTA Additional Poller
  • SolarWinds NTA Additional Website

The installation differs according to the selected deployment.

Install SolarWinds NTA

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds NPM server that you want to use for NetFlow traffic analysis.
  2. Launch the installation file from the download location.
  3. Review the Welcome information, and click Next.
  4. Select the configuration, and click Next.
    • NPM/NTA and NTA Flow Storage Database on Two Separate Servers (Recommended)

      You need to have NTA Flow Storage Database already installed. If it is not the case, log on to the server where you want to install NTA Flow Storage Database and run this installer on the server.

      Fill in the NTA Flow Storage Database Server hostname or IP address, and then click Test Connection.

    • NPM/NTA/NTA Flow Storage Database on the Same Server.

      This option is recommended for evaluations. SolarWinds NTA checks your server configuration and informs you if it does not meet the minimum requirements. If the warning appears, please consider upgrading your server or deploying the NTA Flow Storage Database on a different computer.

  5. If you agree, accept the license agreement, and click Next.
  6. Click Install.
  7. When the installation completes, click Finish.
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07:51, 10 Apr 2017