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Monitor vendor-specific application traffic

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Updated May 15, 2017


This article describes how to monitor traffic for a specific vendor, using Office 365 as an example.


NTA 4.x


  1. Obtain the IP addresses that you need to monitor. For example, create IP groups with all the traffic for the application.
    Note: You can get the ZIP file for Office 365 from THWACK and import each spreadsheet. Contact the specific vendor if this information is not readily available. 
  2. Extract the ZIP file contents to a folder.
  3. Edit IP Address Groups.
  4. Click Import > Append.
  5. Browse to import files one at a time and click Submit.
  6. Go to Manage Applications and click Add application.
  7. Assign a name and port, and then select the address group.
  8. Submit the changes.

Traffic is now separated by IP address group and application on port 443 and historical data is updated.




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