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What are the requirements for NTA 4.x

Updated March 31, 2018




Pre-requisites for NTA 4.x: 

  • 64bit environment. If you have more than one poller, make sure they are all on 64bit OS’s.
  • Compatible NPM version. For more information, see the compatibility chart in the SolarWinds KB article Compatibility of SolarWinds Orin Products for Installation and Upgrade.
  • NTA Flow Storage database must be installed before upgrading / installing NTA on the pollers (valid for NTA versions 4.0 through 4.2.3)
    • NTA Flow Storage Database - For more information about database server requirements, see NTA requirements. 
  • Connection to Orion database. NTA 4.x needs access to CBQoS data and some additional low level information which are still stored in this DB.
    • CBQoS policy utilization is available in CBQoS resources and reports.

Note: NTA 4.1.1 requires SolarWinds NPM 11.5 or later versions. Make sure to upgrade NPM before upgrading to NTA 4.1.1. For more details about upgrading NTA, see the following: 

Hardware requirements for NTA 4.x: 

  • NTA 4.x requires64-bit operating systems to ensure the new NTA Flow Storage Database and scalability benefits.
  • Poller: the same requirements as Orion NPM. For more information, see NTA Polling Engine Requirements.
  • Orion Database: the same requirements as Orion NPM. For more information, see Requirements for the Orion Database Server (SQL Server).
  • MS SQL Database – For more information about NPM and SQL Server requirements, see SolarWinds NPM Requirements.
  • NTA Flow Storage Database (for NTA 4.0 through 4.2.3):
    • Quad core 3GHz processor or better
    • 16GB of RAM. To ensure optimal performance, RAM should be increased as the database size increases
    • 20GB of storage capacity on a 7200 rpm local NTFS disk
    • 8GB for every sustained 1000 flows/s with 30-days retention period
    • 64-bit Windows Server 2003 SP2 or newer
      Note: Itanium-based servers are not supported.
    • NTFS Required
    • Raid 0 or 1+0 supported. 
  • RAM:
    • Evaluation - 8 GB
    • Production - 16-128 GB

Supported Flow Technologies for NTA 4.1.1: 

  • Support for NetFlow-Lite.
  • Support for VMWare ESX vCenters
  • Citrix Technologies IPFIX support. 




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