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Verify Netflow traffic is received in NTA port 2055

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Created by Malik Haider, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides steps to verify if NTA traffic is received at SolarWinds NTA port 2055 using the Wireshark tool.


All NTA versions 




Filter and verify the traffics is received;

1. Install Wireshark. 
    Download Wireshark and install on your Orion Server or Kiwi Syslog Server.
    Wireshark · Download

2. Disable Windows Firewall Disabled on Orion Server or Create a Rule in Windows Firewall to allow port traffic.

3. Click > Capture >  Interfaces.

4. Select the required correct interface.


wireshark NTA 1.jpg


5. Apply required filter.

6. Change the IP in filter of Node which is sending Netflow to Orion (Cisco/Juniper/Switch/Router) and apply.

ip.src == && udp.port == 2055


udp.port == 2055

7.  Click Apply.


You should be able to see traffic from the Nodes like Cflow (for Cisco ), flow for Juniper, or Sflow.

If you still do not see packet, check your device or network for further troubleshooting. This will confirm Orion is not receiving any packet hitting NTA default port 2055.





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