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Upgrade from NTA 3.11 or earlier to 4.0 and later

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In NTA versions 4.0 and later, the NTA Flow Storage database runs on the FastBit database engine which stands separately from the Orion SQL server to provide a dedicated resource for storing NetFlow data.


NTA 3.11


If you wish to upgrade to NTA 4.0 and later and utilize the FastBit Flow Storage database, you must have your SolarWinds Application Server on a 64-bit server. Additionally, the server your Flow Storage Database will be installed on, must be 64-bit as well.

SolarWinds highly recommends that you install NTA 4.0 and later on a separate server and not with your SQL or SolarWinds applications due to performance concerns. Even with the recommended RAM and CPU, in addition to the requirements of SQL or other SolarWinds tools, the disk I/O can become a bottleneck and cause your system to halt. See:  NTA 4.x Installation: Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

The upgrade should take you approximately 15 - 30 minutes in order to install the Flow Storage database and then upgrade the product. The migration of NetFlow data can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours or more, depending on the size of your NetFlow data in the existing SQL database. The migration is a background process that will take place once the upgrade is complete.

The NTA 4.x installation package is universal for all of the following deployments:

  • Flow Storage
  • Primary Application Server
  • Additional Polling Engine
  • Additional Web Engine

To install the Flow Storage database, run the NTA 4.x installation package on the dedicated server and choose Install Flow Storage ONLY. Follow the prompts to connect to the existing SQL database (for migration and Orion Platform integration) and to set up the Flow Storage.

Once the above has been completed, run the same NTA 4.x installation package on your SolarWinds Application Server and choose the option to install NTA 4.x only. This installs the product and runs the Configuration wizard that guides you through the steps of connecting to the FastBit Flow Storage database and finishes the product upgrade.

After the Configuration wizard completes, the product is upgraded and the background data migration begins. The NetFlow Summary page within the Orion Web Console gives you an indication of the progress.

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