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Troubleshoot connection to Orion database for NTA 4.0 Flow Storage Database

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I am trying to install NTA Flow Storage Database on a remote server, and cannot reach the Orion Database server.


To resolve this issue:
  • Make sure that the target Orion SQL Database server is up and running.
  • Troubleshoot network connection to the database server from the NTA Flow Storage Database server.
  • Check the software and hardware firewall settings between your NTA Flow Storage Database server and the Orion SQL Database server. If necessary, turn the firewall off until the installation finishes. For more details, see the technical reference "Port Requirements for SolarWinds Products".
  • Make sure the Orion Database Username you have provided corresponds to the selected Orion Database (the user has to be the db_owner of the database).
    To find out the Orion Database credentials, go to the main Orion server and run the Configuration Wizard there. Please note the credentials displayed on first two screens and cancel the Configuration Wizard.
  • Make sure the user is connecting to the correct SQL database.
  • Make sure there is SolarWinds NPM 10.6 or newer already installed on your Orion SQL Database server.
  • If you are using a non-default port for the Orion SQL server, you can specify it in the appropriate field using the following syntax: hostname, port
    Example: SQLserver, 1901  
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