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Troubleshoot CBQoS issues

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Record detailed results as you perform these steps. Doing so will help expedite a resolution should you need to contact SolarWinds Support about your CBQoS issue.

To troubleshoot a CBQoS issue:

Note: In particular, the SolarWinds Orion Module Engine service enables polling of CBQoS. The NTA SolarWinds NetFlow service takes the data the Orion poller obtains from the device through SNMP and writes it into the NetFlow database table; and if this service is not working, polled CBQoS data will sit in a queue and eventually get dropped.

  1. Use packet capture on the relevant interface of the Orion server to verify SNMP (port 161) communication with relevant device(s).
  2. Use SolarWinds MIB Viewer to check the status of CBQoS on your device.

    Support is determined by cbQosConfigIndex=""

    If you see any value in your MIB viewer for this OID, then CBQoS data is being successfully pulled.

  3. Make sure all SolarWinds services are running:
    1. Open the Orion Service Manager in the SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features program folder.
    2. If some SolarWinds services are not running, click Start Everything.
  4. If CBQoS resources show "No data" and the SWISv2 log contains the "Transaction was deadlocked on lock resources..." error, install the NTA 3.11 HotFix 2.
  5. Assuming the attempt to reset device discovery failed, contact SolarWinds Support with the results of your troubleshooting so far.

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