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Set up Gigamon tunnel for NTA

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Created by Michael Almadova, last modified by Michael Almadova on Nov 03, 2016

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This article provides information about Gigamon tunnel for NTA. This is a known issue with devices HB-1 running Gigamon Version Up 4.3 - 4.7.


NTA version 4+


Note: The only way to add Netflow traffic from Gigamon to Solarwinds is to add that tunnel interface as an external node or if you want to use ICMP make sure in the polling settings to change the ping packet size to 32 bytes.   



1. Select the Polling timers and click Ok.

2. Add the Node. 

3. After successfully adding the tunneling IP address, you can view the IP address under Unknown groups.



4. View the Last 25 Traffic Analyzer Events and look for the event referencing the Gigamon interface:



5. If you have added the tunneling interface for SNMP polling, it will not work. Remove the tunneling IP address from SNMP monitoring as tunneling interface does not support SNMP.


6. Once the interface is successfully added, you should be able to see the Netflow sources on the left and it will start collecting the Netflow data and build reports. 



If no flows are making it to the server please validate the record has all required fields. Example below:


Any adjustments will require the removal / reapply of the gsgroup – via the command


1. gsparams gsgroup <record name> netflow-monitor delete

2. gsparams gsgroup <record name> netflow-monitor add <monitor name>


This is the example Record template:


apps netflow record alias <record name>

  netflow-version netflow-v9

  collect add counter bytes

  collect add ipv4 source address

  collect add ipv4 destination address

  collect add transport source-port

  collect add transport destination-port

  collect add interface input physical

  collect add interface output physical

  collect add counter packets

  collect add timestamp sys-uptime first

  collect add timestamp sys-uptime last

  collect add datalink vlan

  collect add ipv4 tos

  collect add ipv4 fragmentation id

  collect add ipv4 fragmentation offset

  collect add ipv4 protocol

  match add datalink mac source

  match add datalink mac destination

  match add datalink vlan

  match add ipv4 protocol

  match add ipv4 source address

  match add ipv4 destination address

  match add transport source-port

  match add transport destination-port




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