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Sample configuration for Cisco Catalyst 6800

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Updated May 2, 2017


This article provides a sample configuration for Cisco Catalyst 6800.


NTA 4.2



  • xx.xx.xx.xx  is your destination collector ( Orion)
  • VLAN 1 is where the data will come from (any VLAN used for management or interface will also work)
  • Port 2055 is for NetFlow v9
  • Port 2070 is for NetFlow v5

​​​​​​​Here is a sample configuration for Cisco Catalyst 6800:

  1. Execute the following commands:

    flow exporter NFexporter
    destination XX.XX.XX.XX             
    source Vlan 1
    transport udp 2055

    flow monitor NFmonitor
    exporter NFexporter

  2. Add the flow records for Orion.
    Note:  This step can be removed if the collector accepts the data as Cisco default. Otherwise, you will need to call TAC to help you modify this part. This will only work for Cisco CAT 6800.

    flow record NFrecord
    match ipv4 tos
    match ipv4 protocol
    match ipv4 source address
    match ipv4 destination address
    match transport source-port
    match transport destination-port
    match interface input
    collect interface output
    collect counter bytes long
    collect counter packets long
    collect timestamp sys-uptime first
    collect timestamp sys-uptime last

  3. Add the flow record:

    flow monitor NFmonitor
    record NFrecord

  4. Add the interfaces you need to add NetFlow to:

    interface TenGigabitEthernet1/1
    ip flow monitor NFmonitor input
    ip flow monitor NFmonitor output


    interface TenGigabitEthernet2/1

    ip flow monitor NFmonitor input

    ip flow monitor NFmonitor output


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