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Home > Success Center > Netflow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) > NTA - Knowledgebase Articles > Sample Configuration for Cisco Nexus 5K Series

Sample Configuration for Cisco Nexus 5K Series

Updated November 10, 2017


The following section provides an example configuration for the Cisco Nexus 5600 Series - Release 7.x. This configuration is not guaranteed to work on your devices. For detailed information about configuring this type of device, see the Cisco documentation: (©2017 Cisco, available at, obtained on November 10, 2017)


  • NTA 4.2 and later


Monitoring NetFlow

Use the show flow exporter command to display NetFlow statistics. Use the clear flow exporter command to clear NetFlow flow exporter statistics.

Example: Creating and Applying a Flow

This example shows how to create a flow and apply the flow to an interface:

feature netflow
flow exporter ee
 version 9
flow record rr
 match ipv4 source address
 match ipv4 destination address
 collect counter bytes
 collect counter packets
flow monitor foo
 record rr
 exporter ee
sampler testsampler
 mode 1 out-of 65536
interface Ethernet2/45
 ip flow monitor foo input sampler testsampler
 ip address
 no switchport

Example: Configuring a NetFlow Exporter

This example shows how to configure a NetFlow exporter configuration for IPv4:

flow exporter pw
  destination use-vrf management
  transport udp 3000
  source mgmt0
  version 9
flow record pw
  match ipv4 source address
  match ipv4 destination address
  match ip protocol
  match ip tos
  match transport source-port
  match transport destination-port
  collect counter bytes long
  collect counter packets long
  collect timestamp sys-uptime first
  collect timestamp sys-uptime last
  collect ip version
sampler testsampler
 mode 1 out-of 65536
flow monitor pw
  record pw
  exporter pw
interface Ethernet2/9
  ip flow monitor pw input sampler testsampler






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