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NTA Summary page take a long time to load

Updated 21-11-2018


When loading the NTA Summary page it takes a long time to show because there is a huge amount of interfaces sending flows to NTA on the resource NetFlow Sources, thus the page loads slowly.


  • Any NTA version


Amount of NetFlow Sources cause the page to load slowly. Most customers have a high percentage of these sources not sending information to NTA. The resolution below will clear the sources that are not sending information.


  • Create a backup of the SQL Database
  • Login into the Orion Server
  • Open Database Manager
  • Click "Add Default Server"
  • Expand the SQL Server and right-click the Orion DB selecting New Query
  • Paste the queries below and press Execute

UPDATE NetflowSources set Enabled = 0
where (LastTime is NULL or LastTime<DATEADD(day, -1, GETDATE()))

UPDATE NetFlowSources set cbQoSEnabled = 0
WHERE (CBQoSLastTime is NULL or CBQoSLastTime<DATEADD(day, -1, GETDATE()))


Note: this queries will disable the NetFlow Sources that did not send flows in the last day and CBQoS is not being polled


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