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Home > Success Center > Netflow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) > NTA - Knowledgebase Articles > NTA Netflow sources are not automatically added even if proper settings are applied

NTA Netflow sources are not automatically added even if proper settings are applied

Updated January 30, 2017


You may find that new Netflow sources may not be automatically added and cannot be found in the Last 25 Traffic Analyzer Events on the Netflow tab even when following the settings in the Enable the automatic addition of flow sources article.


All NTA environments, particularly those upgraded from 3.11 to 4.x


This is can be caused by a NodeID with a NULL value in the dbo.NetflowSources table.

Please be sure to check this directly when this behavior is identified as there are no events that can be tied to this issue in the logs.

There are issues with the NetflowSources table due to a number of false entries that were not automatically verified in NPM interfaces and nodes information. 


Note: Before removing these nodes, make sure to take a backup of your database.

  1. Stop Orion services - Use Orion service manager.
  2. Go to Database Manager - Use Database Manager to view the Solarwinds database.
  3. On Orion database, right-click and select New Query.
  4. Use the following query to clear the entries with NodeID=NULL values:
    DELETE FROM [dbo].[NetflowSources] WHERE NodeID IS NULL
  5. Use the following query to truncate the table and clear the flowsources data:
    TRUNCATE table NetflowSources


You should be able to see new NetFlow sources added automatically once NetFlow is received by the listener.  If not, please make sure that the devices are properly exporting NetfFow data to the Collector server - NTA shows Data Not Available.


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