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How to filter objects in NTA web-based reports

Updated: October 4, 2018


When creating web-based reports, you need to specify the objects to report on. This article describes the wildcards and patterns you can use to filter in your reports and limitations of the search.

You can use the filters both in advanced SWQL queries and in the Dynamic Query Builder.


  • NTA 4.4 and later


When adding content to a web-based report, you can use the % wildcard to filter by IPv4 address.

Filter by IPv4 addresses in web-based reports

Input Example
IPv4 address
IPv4 ranges
The % wildcard to represent the rest of the IPv4 address. Specify the first or last octet, use % for the rest of the address.

1.%, %.1

In the Dynamic Query Builder, you don't need to use any wildcards, just select the correct operator - starts with or ends with.

The % wildcard to represent a part of one or more octets.

You must specify all 4 octets, using a number, or a wildcard.

1.1%.1.1, 10.%0.3%.40
The wildcard to represent an octet. 1.%.1.%

Filter by IP Requirements

  • You must specify at least one number in the IP address (% or %.%.%.% is not supported)
  • When using the wildcard to represent a number in the octet, the address must have all four octets specified (1.2%.4 is not supported)
  • When using a wildcard to represent the rest of an address, you must specify the beginning or the end of the IPv4 address (%3.% is not supported)


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Dynamic Query Builder


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