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Create a web-based report showing bytes transferred by individual IP address groups

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Updated March 29, 2018


If you want to create a web-based report showing bytes transferred by your IP address groups, you need to start the report definition with the NetFlow Flow History object.

  1. Log in to your Orion Web Console.
  2. Go to HOME > Reports and click Manage Reports.
  3. Click Create New Report.
  4. Define what objects should be shown in the report:
    1. Select Custom Table and click SELECT AND CONTINUE.
    2. In the I want to report on list, select NetFlow Flow History.
    3. Click ADD TO LAYOUT.
  5. Define what properties you want to see in the report:
    1. Click Add Column.
    2. Select NetFlow IP Address Group in the Orion Object list.
    3. Select the IP address group properties you want to display in the table, such as Description and IP Address Group Name.
    4. Select NetFlow History in the Orion Object list.
    5. Select Bytes and any other available properties which you want to add to the table.
      Note: You need to add at least one property for the selected objects (here: NetFlow Flow History) to be able to generate the report.
    6. Check that you have added all columns for the table in the Selected columns list, and click ADD COLUMN.
  6. If you want to show bytes grouped for individual IP Groups, define the aggregation of bytes:
    1. Click Advanced in the Bytes column.
    2. In the Data aggregation list, select Sum.
  7. Define time settings for the report using the Sample Interval list.
  8. In the Group results by list, select IP Address Group Name - NetFlow IP Address Group. 
  9. Fill in an appropriate Report Title and Subtitle.
  10. Click Next to proceed to the Report preview.
  11. Check the preview and click Next to continue.
    If you're not satisfied with the report layout, click Back and adjust the table settings.
  12. Define the report properties:
    1. If you want to have the report on the top of your report lists, select My Favorite Reports. 
    2. If necessary, update the Report description.
    3. Select the appropriate category for the report in the Report category list.
  13. Click SUBMIT to save your settings. NTA adds the report to the list of reports on the Manage Reports page.

For more information about creating web-based reports, see the Manage reports in the Orion Web Console.

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