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Create a Top 5 Conversations report to get Ingress and Egress information

Table of contents

Updated March 11th, 2016 



This article describes how to create a Top 5 Conversations report and get both Ingress and Egress information in the web reports for one specific node.


  • NPM v11.5.2 with Hotfix 5
  • NTA v4.1.1


  1. Create a new report.
  2. Select Custom Table and click Continue. 
  3. Make sure the Selection Method is Dynamic Query Builder or Specific Objects (static selection). If Static Selection is selected skip steps 4-11
  4. Select Advance Selector.
  5. Select I want to report on Netflow Flow History.
  6. Select Where All child conditions must be satisfied (AND).
    Note: This is the default and should not be changed.
  7. Click the green plus button to add simple condition. 
  8. Choose Select Field and ensure that the Orion Object is set to Netflow Flow History.
  9. Select NodeID. 
  10. Set this to - is equal to and add the numbered value for the NodeID.
    Note: The NodeID can be found in the Nodesdata table. 
  11. Add this to the layout and this completes the query. 
  12. When Editing the table layout, add:
    • Caption (the Orion Object should be set to Node to find this value)
    • Source IP
    • Destination IP
    • Ingress Bytes
    • Egress Bytes
    • Total Bytes
  13. Ensure that the Ingress, Egress, and Total columns are expanded by clicking the plus button to configure them. 
  14. Make sure the display setting is in Data Unit Bytes (1000) and that Data Aggregation is set to Sum. Other settings can be left as they are. 
    This is important if you want to see ingress or egress on the same page in order to Sort results.
  15. Select the following:
    Ingress Bytes - Netflow By Conversation History (Descending) for inbound traffic
    Egress Bytes - Netflow By Conversation History (Descending)

    Note: Select only one depending on what you need, but you can always duplicate the Custom Table and change that field to the other direction to have both show up on one report. 
  16. Group Results by Node - Node.
  17. Select Show only top 5 records.
  18. Click Submit to finish the table layout. 
  19. Provide a name for this report and set the time on when the report should run. Then click Next.
    The preview of the report should look something like the example below.

    Note: This example shows one table for Ingress and the second table below is for Egress. To get both of the reports, duplicate the first table and then set the duplicate to Egress Bytes - Netflow Flow History (Descending) in the table layout.

Machine generated alternative text:Top 5 Conversation - Ingress/Egress Summary of Orion Objects. Ingress/Egress summary ofTime Periods Past Hour (4:57 PM- 5:57 PM Oct 8, 2015) Custom Table for Ingress/Egress from Past Hour (4:57 PM - 5:57 PM Oct 8, 2015) Ordered bylngress Bytes - Descending EGRESS BYTES 312 OO KB 543 40 KB 0.00 a 319 20 KB 0.00 a EGRESS BYTES 543 40 KB 45680 KB 376 80 KB 36660 KB 36520 KB solarwnds TOTAL BYTES 943 80 KB 101 Ma 404 60 KB 605 70 KB 26520 KB TOTAL BYTES 101 MB 611 go KB 557 00 KB 572 go KB 53860 KB INGRESS BYTES 631.80 KB 464 10 KB 404 60 KB 28660 KB 26520 KB 5:57 PM Oct 8, 2015) INGRESS BYTES 464.10 KB 155 40 KB 18020 KB 20620 KB 17340 KB SOURCE st.P-Adt1335 169 254227248 10.199 6238 1 1106725 10.1998128 DESTINATION IP 169 254255255 13149 10.199 6255 10.1996255 Custom Table for Ingress/Egress from Past Hour (4:57 PM - Ordered byEgress Bytes - Descending SOURCE st.P-Adt1335 Iffi996.12 10 1602146 10.199812 10/8/2015, esolsrv,v-lds DESTINATION IP 10.199 15.149 0203 68 189 10.1996 12 0203 68220 1020368.156 e, LLC Al R&hts World wid

23. Click Next.

24. Tick the My favorite Reports box if you easily want to find the report. Click Next.

25. Optional: Schedule the report and click Next. 

26. The Summary Page appears. Click Submit. 


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