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Create a Flows per Second report in the Orion Web Console

Updated November 19, 2018


This article describes how to report off of flows per second to a NTA collector Polling Engine. You must be running SAM in an NTA configuration to create the report.


  • NTA 4.4 and higher
  • NTA integrated with SAM


Assign the NetFlow Traffic Analyzer template to a polling engine

When you are finished, you can generate reports from the collected historical data. 

  1. Log in to the Orion Web Console.
  2. Click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings.
  3. Under Product Specific Settings, select Manage Templates.
  4. Click Application Monitor Templates.
  5. In the Search box, enter the following and then click Search:


  6. Select the SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer template.
  7. Assign the application to the targeted polling engine that will collect statistics for you.

    See Assign application monitors to nodes for details.

    Depending on what statistical data you require, you may want to enable perf counters that are disabled by default on the application monitor

Create a report based off of flows per second performance counters

When you are finished, you can view the report under Alerts & Reports.

  1. In the Orion Web Console click Settings > All Settings.
  2. Under Alerts & Reports, click Manage Reports.
  3. Click Create New Report.
  4. In the Enter Report Title field, enter a title for the report.
  5. In the Add Content pop-up window, search for Custom Char, and then click Select and Continue.
  6. Select Basic Selector, and then select Application in the I want to report on drop-down menu.
  7. Click Add Condition.
  8. In the Select field field, select Name contains, and then enter SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer.
  9. Click Add to Layout.
  10. Click Edit Chart.
  11. In the Edit Resource window under the left Y-AXIS window, click Add Data Series.
  12. Under Orion Object, select Component and choose Statistics History.
  13. Under Data series name, select Average Static Data.

    You can choose any of the statistic options you want and add as many data series that you desire in the report that is available to choose:

  14. Click Add Data Series.

    You can select time periods and sample intervals for your desired results. 

  15. In the Edit Resource window, click Submit.
  16. Click Next.
  17. Complete the wizard.
  18. Navigate to Alerts & Reports.
  19. Click your new report. 




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