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Configure sFlow export on Dell Power Connect switches

Table of contents


This example shows how to configure the switch so that ports 1/g1-1/g16 and sampling for all interfaces send sFlow datagrams to an sFlow receiver at the IP address  to port 2055.These steps were run against a Dell PowerConnect 6224P with firmware version The syntax of these commands can vary slightly over various Dell firmware versions and models.


  • All Netflow versions


  1. Login to device

  2. Type enable, to enter enable mode

  3. Type configure to enter configuration mode

  4. Set the destination IP and port by typing the following. is the IP address of the collector, the port number is optional, but if you do not include it, it will leave it on the default port which is 6343. Omitting the port number could cause you to not receive sFlow on your collector.

    1. “sflow 1 destination 2055”

  5. Set the owner and timeout by typing:

    1. “sflow 1 destination owner NTA timeout 4294967295”

  6. Enable polling for all interfaces by typing:

    1. Sflow 1 polling Ethernet 1/g1-1/g16

  7. Enable sampling for all interfaces by typing:

    1. “sflow 1 sampling Ethernet 1/g1-1/g16”

  8. Leave configure mode by typing “exit”

  9. To check the settings type the following commands:

    1. “show sflow 1 destination”

    2. “show sflow 1 sampling”

    3. “show sflow 1 polling”




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