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Hardware replacement on NTA Flow Storage Database

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Created by Daniel Polaske, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides brief information on replacing hardware components on the dedicated servers hosting the NTA Flow Storage Database occasionally as part of the normal break/fix life cycle of any server. 


Simple non-disk component replacements which simply require powering down and powering up the server are covered in the steps below.


NTA version 4.x


You can stop the Netflow Collector services on your NTA Collector server to preserve processing and memory usage as no flow data will be able to be stored if the NTA Flow Storage Database is offline.

No other action is needed from the SolarWinds software side. 


The NTA Collector and NTA Flow Storage Database services will simply re-connect when the NTA Flow Storage Database is brought back online, provided no configuration changes have been made using the Solarwinds Configuration Wizard or NTA Flow Storage Configurator.




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20:33, 22 Jun 2016