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Example NetFlow Config - Cisco ASA

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Created by Justin Wyllys, last modified by Verwin Ubana on Jul 10, 2017

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In order to see flow data from your Cisco ASA in SolarWinds NTA, you must configure the device to export flow data. This article includes an example config you can use to build your own config specific to your environment.


  • Cisco ASA 55XX-X
  • All NTA versions



Example Config:


flow-export destination inside 2055 
flow-export template timeout-rate 1 
flow-export delay flow-create 60 
access-list netflow-export extended permit ip any any 
class-map netflow-export-class 
match access-list netflow-export 
policy-map global_policy 
class netflow-export-class 
flow-export event-type all destination 
service-policy global_policy global


Customer may only can configure device per security reasons through ASDM console. Here is an article of an example config walk through that may be of some help:


Helpful links


Link to Cisco ASA 9.1.(2) or higher software version Netflow configuraiton:


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