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Example J-Flow and sFlow configs for Juniper devices

Created by Justin Wyllys, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Juniper Network switches run both HP sFlow flow sampling technology and JFlow, Juniper Networks’ own flow sampling technology. This article contains two examples of sFlow and J-Flow configurations on Juniper products. For more sFlow and J-Flow configuration examples, see the Juniper Networks website at and


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A high-level overview of using sflow on EX Series switches-

Example: Configuring sFlow Technology to Monitor Network Traffic on EX Series Switches


Please note that in some cases, it has been noted in the Juniper online forums that a single device needs to have all interfaces (not just a few) enabled for egress summarization before egress data will export at all.

Juniper sFlow Configuration

You can perform Juniper switch sFlow configuration using the following sample configuration:


sflow {
polling-interval 30;
sample-rate 128;
collector {
udp-port 6343;
interfaces ge-0/0/0.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/1.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/2.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/3.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/4.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/5.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/6.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/7.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/8.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/9.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/10.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/11.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/12.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/13.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/14.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/15.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/16.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/17.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/18.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/19.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/20.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/21.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/22.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/23.0 {
polling-interval 30;
sample-rate 128;

Juniper J-Flow Configuration

Configure Juniper J-Flow devices using a configuration template such as the following:


#show interfaces ge-0/0/0
unit 0 {
family inet {
sampling {
#show forwarding-options
sampling {
input {
rate 100;
family inet {
output {
flow-server {
port <JFlow port number e.g. 2055,2056>;
version 5;


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