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J-Flow and sFlow configuration examples for Juniper devices


Juniper Network switches run both HP sFlow flow sampling technology and JFlow, Juniper Networks’ own flow sampling technology. This article contains two examples of sFlow and J-Flow configurations on Juniper products. For more sFlow and J-Flow configuration examples, see the Juniper Networks website at and© 2013 1999 - 2017 Juniper Networks, Inc., available at, obtained on September 21, 2017).


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A high-level overview of using sFlow on EX Series switches.

Example: Configuring sFlow Technology to Monitor Network Traffic on EX Series Switches. (© 2013 1999 - 2017 Juniper Networks, Inc., available at, obtained on September 21, 2017).


Please note that in some cases, it has been noted in the Juniper online forums that a single device needs to have all interfaces (not just a few) enabled for egress summarization before egress data will export at all.

Juniper sFlow Configuration

You can perform Juniper switch sFlow configuration using the following sample configuration:


sflow {
polling-interval 30;
sample-rate 128;
collector {
udp-port 6343;
interfaces ge-0/0/0.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/1.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/2.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/3.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/4.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/5.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/6.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/7.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/8.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/9.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/10.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/11.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/12.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/13.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/14.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/15.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/16.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/17.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/18.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/19.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/20.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/21.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/22.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/23.0 {
polling-interval 30;
sample-rate 128;

Juniper J-Flow Configuration

Configure Juniper J-Flow devices using a configuration template such as the following:


#show interfaces ge-0/0/0
unit 0 {
family inet {
sampling {
#show forwarding-options
sampling {
input {
rate 100;
family inet {
output {
flow-server {
port <JFlow port number e.g. 2055,2056>;
version 5;


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