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Enable Windows SQL authentication for NTA

Updated July 18, 2017


This article provides guidance on how to perform an upgrade of multiple Netman products, including NTA with a remote Flow Storage Database, in order to enable Windows SQL authentication for NTA.


  • NTA 4.2.2 and previous


The remote NTA Flow Storage Database is installed on a machine without the Orion Platform. Therefore, NTA cannot get Windows SQL support from the Orion Platform, and ships a special release, NTA 4.2.3.

NTA path to Windows SQL authentication

  1. Upgrade NPM to version 12.2.

    Make sure to keep the SQL account in the Configuration wizard during the upgrade process.

  2. Upgrade both the main and remote NTA Flow Storage Database to NTA 4.2.3.
  3. In the Configuration wizard, select a Windows account for SQL authentication.
  4. In the NTA Flow Storage Configurator, select a Windows account for SQL authentication on the remote machine.
  5. Click OK.
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