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With NPM 12.2 you can monitor your Cisco ASA firewalls, to monitor VPN tunnels for basic visibility and troubleshooting tunnels. NPM 12.2 also uses the SolarWinds Orion Installer so you can easily install and upgrade one or more Orion Platform products simultaneously.
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Complete an NTA 4.x upgrade

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This article describes how you can upgrade NTA 4.x to a later version.  It is always a good idea to run the Solarwinds Upgrade Advisor utility to verify the upgrade path.


Upgrade Advisor utility



NTA version 4.x and later installed on a server with a 64 bit OS.


1.    Backup the Flow Storage Database.

a.    Go to the NTA Flow Storage Backup Database Scheduler:
b.    Log in the Orion Web Console.
c.    Go to Database Settings by clicking Settings > NTA Settings > Database Settings.
d.    Click Backup Scheduler.
e.    Click Backup Now.

2.    Stop all services from the Orion Service Manager on the primary Orion server, any Additional Web Servers, and any Additional Polling Engines.  

Note: The NTA 4.x installation package is universal for all of the following deployments:

  • Flow Storage
  • Primary Application Server
  • Additional Polling Engine
  • Additional Web Engine

The installer will detect the type or NPM installation and will install the same type for Netflow. Upgrade the Flow Storage Database before you upgrade NTA on the primary Orion server.  

3.    Complete the upgrade on the Flow Storage database by running the installer and selecting Flow Storage from the installation options.  Once this completes it will launch the Flow Storage Configurator. 

4.    Complete the upgrade on the primary Orion server by running the installer and selecting NTA Server which belongs on the Primary Application Server.  After this runs the Configuration Wizard should auto launch to complete the upgrade. If not search for the application and run manually. 


Note: If you have additional web or additional poller proceed to step 5 or 6. If not the upgrade is complete.


5.    Complete the upgrade on any Additional Web Servers by running the same installer used for the Primary NTA server

6.    Complete the upgrade on any Additional Pollers by running the same installer used for the Primary NTA server.

7.    Verify that NTA is running as expected.  


Last modified
14:30, 14 Aug 2017