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Cannot use the folder specified for NTA Flow Storage Database because it is not empty

Created by Daniel Polaske, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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During installation of NTA 4.x and above, you receive the following message when trying to create the NTA FSDB during the NTA Flow Storage Configurator which runs after the initial execution of the NTA installer .exe in "Flow Storage Only Mode":

Cannot use the folder specified for NTA Flow Storage Database because it is not empty.

Specify a different folder.  The folder must be empy or contain an appropriate NTA Flow Storage Database.

The folder does not contain any files as stated in the message, nor does it contain a Flow Storage Database as you are attempting a fresh install.

When checking the FastbitConfigurator.log file in "\SolarwindsDiagnostics\LogFiles\NTA" the following messages are found (where E:\ is the desired installation drive):

INFO FlowStoragePropertiesHelper - Flow Storage Properties file does not exist, checking for schema v1 folder

DEBUG FlowStoragePropertiesHelper - Start checking if folder: E:\ is flow stroage v1 folder

INFO FlowStoragePropertiesHelper - Directory: E:\Flows.  Exist:False

INFO FlowStoragePropertiesHelper - Directory: E:\IPGroupSegments. Exist:False

INFO FlowStoragePropertiesHelper - Unable to detect version of E:\ folder.


All Orion NTA environments post 4.x


This is caused by a currently unknown permission or group policy issue with the desired installation drive.


As a workaround,

Temporarily install the NTA FSDB on the C:\ drive (or any drive to which the files are successfully installed).

Copy the "Data" folder from that drive to the desired drive.

Run the NTA Flow Storage Configurator again - this time pointing at the new location.


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20:28, 22 Jun 2016