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Autonomous System (AS) chart showing data is not available

Updated June 29, 2016


Chart for Autonomous System (AS) are showing Data is not available.


  • All Versions of Netflow Traffic Analyzer


Flows that NTA is receiving from devices have either the AS number for both the source and destination set to 0 or no AS number at all. See the screenshot below for what it looks like when the AS in the flow is 0. Below are also some Wireshark filters that you can use to see what AS numbers you are receiving from what devices. By default, SolarWinds will show that "Data is not available" in NTA if the only AS number it is receiving, for both source and destination, is 0 or no AS number at all.


There are a couple of reasons the AS values are set to 0 or  not available in the flow data


1. The device is not part of an Autonomous System and does not participate in BGP routing


2. The device has not been configured to export BGP data


In order to identify if the router is configured as a BGP router run the following command via command line on the router

show ip bgp summary


This will be the output of the command.  If there no output like the image below then the device is not running BGP protocol



Configuring device to export Autonomous System ( BGP) information.  


Netflow v5 and standard Netflow v9.  The addition of [peer-as | origin-as] is what configures the router to collect Autonomous System information


router(config)# ip flow-export version 5 (or version 9) [peer-as | origin-as]



Flexible Netflow .  The commands below should be added to the Flow Record


Collect IP Source AS
Collect IP Destination AS



Wireshark Filters:

The below filter will show you the flow that are sending an AS number of 0. 

cflow and (cflow.srcas == 0 and cflow.dstas == 0)


The filters below will show you the flows that have an AS  number greater than 0. If the filters returns no results then its more then likely that you're receving flows that have either the AS set to 0 or the flow does not specify an AS number.

cflow and (cflow.srcas > 0 or cflow.dstas > 0)


cflow and (cflow.srcas > 0 and cflow.dstas > 0)





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