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Home > Success Center > Netflow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) > Add ICMP-only or VMware dvSwitch devices to the NetFlow Source Device

Add ICMP-only or VMware dvSwitch devices to the NetFlow Source Device

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Updated March 11th, 2016


Some devices can export Netflow data, but do not support (or you don't have access to) SNMP. 


All versions of NTA


As long as the device sends a valid template (Required Flow template fields in NTA), you can likely add it to NTA.


You should be getting events in NTA stating that you are receiving flows from IP address that belongs to the device.

  1. Click manage link in that event 
  2. Add as ICMP or External node 
  3. Then wait a minute or two and check NTA. There should be another event saying you are receiving flows from interface #xx, with link to add interface 
  4. Follow the link, it should create a 'Virtual Interface xx' (specify the speed on interface) 
  5. if you have 'Enable automatic addition of NetFlow sources' enabled you should automatically start seeing flow data from the device in NTA.
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