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Limited functionality or unable to access Scheduled Tasks


This article describes the issue about Mobile Admin having limited functionality or restricts access Scheduled Tasks.


  • All versions of Mobile Admin
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 2008 
  • Windows 7 
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 2012


The Scheduled Tasks feature is not fully supported for all versions of Windows. The following table lists the Windows version and the level of support in Mobile Admin.

Windows Version

Support in Mobile Admin

Windows 2000

Full support

Windows XP

Full support

Windows 2003

Full support

Windows Vista

Partial support

Windows 2008

Partial support

Windows 7

Partial support

Windows 2012

Not supported

Windows 8

Not supported


Run Mobile Admin on a Windows version that is fully supported. 

Note: If your Windows version is supported, and you still cannot create scheduled tasks, you may not have the correct credentials. Scheduled tasks ignore alternate credentials. Mobile Admin user must have the appropriate credentials on the Windows computer to perform the actions.


Last modified
21:26, 2 Feb 2016