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Log Manager for Orion New Users

Log Manager for Orion New Users

  • Did You Know  Did You Know

    • Your log data contains a wealth of information about the health and performance of your network and servers. But without a unified view of logs and infrastructure, you run the risk of missing key signals. The New SolarWinds Log Manager for Orion finally puts your log data right where it belongs, in the heart of your Orion console. 


Before you install

We want to make sure you have a successful Log Manager for Orion Installation.  Let’s get started on the right path.

Check the system requirements

Check that your system meets specifications.

Getting Started Guide

This guide will take you from setting up LM to monitoring event logs in the LM Log Viewer. 

Installing, customizing and training  

You're ready to go, what next?

Installation Guide 

Step by step instructions to help you install Log manager for Orion.

Log Manager for Orion Training 

Sign up for Professional Series Classes that will assist you in optimizing your product. * (active maintenance only 


Customers on Active maintenance receive additional training classes and videos to help you create the perfect system for your needs.  Learn More.

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