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Windows Agents Consume Multiple Licenses


Agents that contain multiple network interfaces are consuming multiple licenses.


  • All LEM versions
  • All Windows Agents


Perform any of the following procedures:

Set UseLocalEnvironmentVariableForLocalHost

Note: This is the recommended option.

  1. Locate the specific agent. 
  2. Use the switch to report the name by not using the HOSTS file,
  3. Type hostname or computername in the command line on the boxes. If this is the desired hostname, use this switch in the spop.conf:
  4. Look for the following log line in the agent log:
    "Overriding local hostname to computername/hostname environment variable for local hostname: " + local_name
  5. If you are unable to get a valid hostname, look for the following:
    "Overriding local hostname to computername/hostname environment variable failed to get a value, sticking with original local hostname value: " + local_name

Set UseManagerDetectionOfLocalHost

  1. If option 1 does not yield the desired hostname to use, see if the manager can detect it for them.  Use the following switch to prevent the agent from sending its host name. 
  2. The manager will then detect it.  Note: If they are connecting through a firewall than it will detect the name of the firewall instead.
  3. Look for the following log line in the agent log:
    "Overriding local hostname to empty string to trigger manager detection of local hostname"

Note: if you set UseManagerDetectionOfLocalHost (option 2) it will override whatever value is set for UseLocalEnvironmentVariableForLocalHost (option 1).


One additional property that was added as of 6.1.0 agents is a way to bind to a specific ip address "ForcedLocalAddress"

Example: ForcedLocalAddress= (use the preferred IP address)


To add the specific switch to the SPOP.conf file:

  1. Navigate to the ContegoSPOP folder
    For 64 bit machines: C:\Windows\SySWOW64\ContegoSPOP
    For 32 bit machines: C:\Windows\System32\ContegoSPOP
  2. Stop the SolarWinds Log and Event Manager service.
  3. Edit the SPOP.conf file.
  4. Add the switch as a new line to the file.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Start the agent service.


  • Agents sometimes consume more licenses because they contain multiple network interfaces.  Often this is because they are choosing the wrong interface to use or different IP addresses are stamped in different log files.



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20:25, 22 Jun 2016