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Unable to start the IIS Web or FTP server connector in LEM

Created by Interspire Import, last modified by Geoffrey Layton on Sep 15, 2016

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Updated 7/7/2016


The Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Web Server or Microsoft IIS FTP Server connector does not start in the LEM Console.


  • All LEM versions
  • All Microsoft Windows Server and IIS versions


This can occur when the logging levels are not disabled or are set too low in the IIS Manager.


1. Stop the LEM Agent.

2. Open the Microsoft IIS Manager and configure the W3C format by selecting the following Logging options using the Configure Logging at the Site Level procedure from the Microsoft website:

  • One log file per: Site
  • Format: W3C
  • W3C Logging Fields: All available fields

3. Go to the website and copy the logging options from the IIS instance.

4. Move the files currently in C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles to a different location. Otherwise, LEM will attempt to read data from the old log files in this folder and the connector and may not start.​

5. Start the LEM Agent.


If the connector still does not start. Try deleting and recreating the connector.


Note: If your IIS log files have a "_x" suffix, that signifies Enhanced Logging. In that case, you should be using the Microsoft IIS W3C v8.5 Enhanced Logging connector.

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