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What does MSSQL Auditor send to LEM?

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Created by Craig O’ Neill, last modified by Abdul.Aziz on Jul 06, 2017

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This article gives an overview of the level of auditing provided by MSSQL Auditor.


  • All LEM versions
  • LEM Agent not mandatory


The SQL Auditor uses the MSSQL Profiler with trace files that look for specific types of activity. In order to avoid having any visibility into credit card, patient, or other potentially personal information that might pull the LEM appliance under specific regulations (or put sensitive data in a database where it should not belong), it is generally avoided tracing any query activity that would log values being inputted, updated, and deleted.

It is capable to use Profiler/traces to audit anything done against a database, but MSSQL Auditor specifically looks for:

  • Schema changes
  • User/group additions/changes
  • Failures to do any activity - insert, update, delete, etc

These could be made from either the query window, a remote tool, or any application that accesses the database.

SolarWinds have had customers request or provide additional trace auditing, but SolarWinds advised against capturing anything that might have actual query/insert data in it since that could be either stored in a log file (in plain text) on disk on the system and/or in the LEM database.

Note: MSSQL Auditor can be responsible for sending a huge amount of traffic to LEM so it is wise to consult Microsoft documentation on best SQL Auditing practices.

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10:42, 6 Jul 2017