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Startup errors display after increasing the LEM disk size

Updated: November 3, 2017


After you increase the LEM allocated disk size in your virtual machine settings and power on the virtual machine, several error messages display during startup. 

For example: 

Error: Partition /dev/sda5 is being used. You must umount it before you modify it with Parted.

Error: Can't have overlapping partitions.




  • All LEM versions


  • The virtual machine did not shut down completed when you resized the disk. 
  • The datastore did not have sufficient free space. 


  1. Boot the LEM and wait for the Blue Screen of Life to display.
  2. Click Advanced Configuration > Appliance > Shutdown to power down the LEM.
  3. Ensure that the datastore has sufficient disk space to accommodate your new disk allocation size.
  4. Boot the LEM again and allow the scripts to run.
    If errors display during the startup process, contact SolarWinds Support.


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