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Single location deployment example

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Aug 01, 2016

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This deployment example uses one syslog server based in one location to collect log data from your network devices in a local network. The syslog server is installed in a Windows-based system hosting the LEM Manager, which captures the syslog data from the network devices. You can use this deployment to collect syslog data from one location.


In this deployment, the network devices send syslog data to the LEM Manager over TCP or UDP. Workstations and servers hosting applications use LEM agents to initiate TCP connections and push syslog data to the LEM Manager running on a supported vSphere or Hyper-V hypervisor. The syslog server receives the logs on port 514 and saves the logs to the LEM Manager /var/log file partition. The log filename varies, based on the target facility configured on the network device.

If your log sources are located behind firewalls, see this KB article to open the necessary ports.


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12:08, 1 Aug 2016