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Remote Agent Installer is hanging or failing to install on specific hosts

Created by Jason Dee, last modified by Jason Dee on Jul 05, 2017

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Updated July 5, 2017


This article describes the issue when you attempt to run the LEM's Remote Agent Installer to push agents remotely, you find that the installer seems to hang or fail to install on some or all of the hosts in your list.


  • LEM Agent
  • All versions of Windows 


This can be caused by

1. Certain environmental issues such as a lack of permissions preventing mounting a remote drive or running sc.exe to install the agent service.

2. If the remote installer was run from Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 machine - it is unable to add and start the LEM Agent Service to the remote machine


Solution 1:

The simplest thing to do in this situation would be to note the hosts that the Remote Agent Installer is failing on and install their agents using the Local Agent Installer or using a group policy with the silent installation option. See Using the SolarWinds LEM Local Agent Installer Non-interactively.


However, if you would like to see specifically where the Remote Agent Installer is failing, you can follow these instructions. Keep in mind that the Remote Installer is basically only a wrapper for a few Windows-based commands, so the failure is going to be caused by specific issues in your environment, as mentioned above.


As you launch the Remote Agent Installer executable, hold down your left Ctrl key until the first percentage bar completes and the next window displays. At this point a separate Command Prompt window will automatically open beside the main installer window.


As the installer proceeds with the installation, you will see the exact commands displaying in real-time in that Command Prompt. Once the installer hangs during the installation, you can easily see which command it is attempting to execute and any error message displayed there. You can then use that specific command and/or error message to help you troubleshoot your environment.


Solution 2: Run the remote installer from Win 7 machine if you are deploying agents on Win 10 or Server 2016 machines. As of LEM agent installer 6.3.1 remote installer only works from Win7/Win2012 or earlier OSes.


Note: Support for Server 2016 and Windows 10 by the local agent installer is planned for an upcoming version of LEM.


Last modified
16:25, 5 Jul 2017