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Partial IP addresses added to node List

Updated June 16, 2016


This article addresses the issue where an incomplete node IP appears in the Nodes section in LEM:




  • All supported versions of LEM


This may occur because of a problem either in the connector itself or an issue with the IP address included in the event being syslogged to the LEM.


Two possible fixes:

  1. Update the connectors to get the latest connectors.
    It's also possible there may be something wrong inside the connector. Contact support to get the data verified against the connector.
  2. Verify the actual data being logged to the LEM.

open a putty session to the LEM
enter the "appliance" menu
enter the "checklogs" command, and follow the prompts to view the data logged to LEM.
enter the "exportsyslog" command to export to a network share, unzip the file, and view the contents of the logfile.


Solarwinds support can assist with identifying the problem.
If the issue is in the data received, the customer will need to contact the vendor/developer of the product sending the data.



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18:59, 31 Aug 2016