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Monitor Cisco VPN Logon / Logoff Activity using LEM

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Created by Craig O’ Neill, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides information on how to monitor Logon and Logoff activity through a Cisco ASA firewall.


All versions of LEM


For a list of all  Cisco syslogs please see:

According to the document above, theProviderSID for Logon is ASA-6-113004


Search in nDepth

ndepth Search = AnyAlert.ProviderSID = *113004*


LEM translates the following syslog as aUserLogon...

%ASA-6-113004: AAA user aaa_type Successful: server = server_IP_address, User = user


LEM translates the following as aUserLogoff

%ASA-6-113013: AAA unable to complete the request Error: reason = reason: user = user


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20:17, 22 Jun 2016