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Manager constantly and randomly shuts down

Updated: August 15, 2016


The Web Console or other network services (such as syslog) are intermittently available (without rebooting the VM or restarting the manager service). However, the services become unavailable shortly after reboot or restarting the service.



  • All versions of LEM



A likely cause of this behavior is a duplicate IP address.



  1. Attempt to verify the hostname that matches the IP Address:
    • ping -a <IP Address>
    • nslookup <IP Address>
    • ping -t <IP Address> - This will do a continuous ping and show if packets are being dropped.  Likely they are being routed to the other host and not coming back.
  2. If any of the commands given above come back with another hostname, find that node in your environment.
  3. You can use netconfig to change the assigned IP address on the LEM.
  4. If the issue continues, you can check the performance of your LEM or contact Support for further assistance.


Last modified
22:47, 14 Aug 2016