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Log and Event Manager (LEM) 6.3.1 Hotfix 1 ReadMe

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This article contains information about LEM 6.3.1 Hotfix 1.

A newer hotfix is available. The ReadMe for the latest LEM 6.3.1 Hotfix is available here.


  • LEM version 6.3.1


SolarWinds® Log and Event Manager (LEM) 6.3.1 Hotfix 1



This hotfix addresses the following issues:


* LEM Manager: The threat-feeds server certificate changed. LEM cannot download

  thread-feeds IPs.

* LEM Manager: Unable to use a domain containing a dash in the LDAP configuration.

* LEM Manager: Unable to recover a password when HTTP is disabled.

* LEM Manager: Exceptions during a fast evaluation are not logged.


This hotfix is installed on the SolarWinds LEM Virtual Appliance.  


To install Hotfix 1, verify that the LEM Appliance is running Release 6.3.1. When

completed, install Hotfix 1 on the following LEM components:


- LEM Manager





   1.  Open the LEM console and authenticate to the LEM Virtual Appliance.


   2.  Click Manage > Appliances.


   3.  Under the Version column, check the current LEM version.


       If the version is Release 6.3.1, install the hotfix.


       If the version is not Release 6.3.1, do not install the hotfix.





   1.  Using the LEM Console or an SSH client (such as PuTTY), log in to CMC.


       a.  At the cmc> prompt, enter: manager


       b.  At the cmc::manager# prompt, enter: hotfix


   2.  Follow the instructions on your screen, providing the network path to your

       hotfix 1 files and the appropriate credentials with Read access to this



       For example:




       If you receive a message stating that no upgrades were found, ensure

       that you entered the correct path to the files.


       When completed, a CMC: prompt appears.


   3.  Reboot the appliance:


       a.  Exit the cmc::manager# prompt or at the cmc# prompt, enter: appliance


       b.  At the prompt, enter: reboot


   4.  After the appliance reboots, log in to CMC.


       At the prompt, enter: manager


   5.  At the prompt, enter: viewsysinfo


       The system info appears on your screen.


   6.  At the top of your screen, the following message should appear if the

       hotfix was installed correctly:


       SolarWinds manager version is: 6.3.1

       SolarWinds manager build is: hotfix1


       Hotfix 1 is installed on LEM Manager.



Uninstalling Hotfix 1


   To uninstall hotfix 1, contact SolarWinds Technical Support at




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11:03, 11 Aug 2017