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LEM alert: Manager monitor warning! disk usage

Created by Ezgi Muderrisoglu, last modified by Ezgi Muderrisoglu on Jul 11, 2016

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Overview and Symptoms

This article provides brief information and a resolution to the following email alert:

Manager monitor warning! disk usage: the database queue(s) are 1.8g. at YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

This message indicates that one or more of your TriGeo appliance disks are near or at capacity. This usually indicates a problem with your appliance. If you receive this alert, please contact TriGeo Technical Support immediately and forward this message to



LEM version 6.2.1


The issue is with the HSQL database (which the ndepth is tied to). LEM was not previously able to defragment the ndepth data fully so the error can arise when it comes near to or at full capacity.


Apply Hotfix 2 -


There is now a Hotfix released that mitigates this issue.

Important note before installing: The LEM version has to be 6.2.1 before this hotfix can be applied.

Hotfix 2 can be installed if you have LEM 6.2.1 hotfix 1, or just LEM 6.2.1. A user can install the hotfix 2 straight away without needing to install hotfix 1.


In the readme:

This hotfix mitigates the following with LEM Manager:

HyperSQL Database (HSQLDB) expands up to 16GB




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