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Report Formats and their corresponding numbers listed in a LEM scheduled report ini file

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This section describes how to edit a scheduled report that is already in the Task Scheduler of the machine running these reports.

Note: As with custom reports and scheduled reports, SolarWinds recommends that report creation be documented for disaster recovery.

  • Scheduled Report INI files are located in: Program Files\SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Reports\SchedINI
  • Schedule Report INI files generate automatically when scheduling a report using the LEM Reports console.
  • If you need to hand edit a scheduled report ini file, or if you are changing the format of the report, you must add the corresponding number report format after the equal sign to the line: "ExportFormat= "

The following list identifies the number assigned to each possible format for a LEM report:

Number Report Format
1 Excel: MS Excel 97-2000, with headings format
2 Exceldata: MS Excel 97-2000, data only format
3 HTML32: HTML version 3.2 format
4 HTML40: HTML version 4.0 format
5 PDF: Adobe Portable Document format
6 RTF: Rich Text Format
7 CSV: Separated Values Text format
8 TAB: Tab Separated text format
9 Text: Text based report format
10 Word: MS Word Document format
11 XML: XML Document format
12 RPT: Crystal RPT w/ Data format

The following is an example of a LEM Scheduled Report INI file:

Filename=C:\Program Files\SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Reports\Reports\RPT2009-33-1.rpt
RptStartTime=12:00:00 AM
RptStopTime=11:59:59 PM
ExportDest=C:\Program Files\SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Reports\Export

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