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Announcing NCM 7.7
With NCM 7.7, you can examine the rules that make up an access control list for a Cisco ASA device. Then you can apply filters to display only rules that meet the specified criteria, order the rules by line number or by the hit count, and much more.
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Import a rule

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Aug 22, 2016

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You can import a rule from a remote source into a particular rule category. For example, you can import a rule from one manager to another or import a rule provided by SolarWinds. You can only import one rule at a time.

  1. Open the Build > Rules view.
  2. On the Rules grid toolbar, click File:Success_Center/New_Articles/LEMUserGuide_MT/0B0/0N0/Button-Gear(Gray)_17x14.png and select Import.

  3. Locate and open the folder that contains the rule you want to import.
  4. Select the rule file you want to import. These files are in XML format.

  5. Click Open to import the file.

  6. In the Import Rules form, click the Manager drop-down menu and select the manager to associate with this rule.
  7. In the Rule Categories & Tags pane, select the category that will store the imported rule.
  8. Click Import.

    The system imports the rules into the designated rule folder.


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