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Having a unified ticketing and asset management system for all the departments in your company can provide end-users with a seamless experience and make things easier for your IT team. Yet, with different business tasks and objectives, many departments don’t fully understand the capabilities of Web Help Desk and how the software can be customized for effective use in their departments.
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Export a rule

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Aug 22, 2016

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You can export a rule from one manager and import it into another manager. You can also export rules to

  • Save archived copies in a safe place.
  • Provide SolarWinds with a copy of your rule for technical support or troubleshooting purposes.

You can export multiple rules at the same time. The rules are saved to a new folder that contains each rule.

  1. Open the Build >Rules view.
  2. In the Rule Categories & Tags pane, select the category that contains the rule you want to export.

  3. In the Rules grid, select the rules you want to export.
  4. On the Rules grid toolbar, click File:Success_Center/New_Articles/LEMUserGuide_MT/0B0/0M0/Button-Gear(Gray)_17x14.png and select Export.

  5. In the Save in box, locate the general area in which you want to save the exported rule folder.
  6. In the File name box, enter folder name to contain the exported rules.

    Rules are saved as XML files.

  7. Click Save.

    The rules are exported and saved in your selected folder. Each exported rule retains its name and the export date and time.

    If an Export Error message displays, one or more rules failed to export. If you are exporting multiple rules, the message lists the failed and succeeded exported rules. Click OK to close the form.


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